Benefits of Playing Futsal this Winter

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Indoor soccer (futsal) is super fun and we strongly encourage our Girls Unite players to sign up. These are fast-paced high-scoring small-sided games that are great for player development. Futsal is fantastic for developing individual technical skills, learning quick transition game between offense to defense, and improving cognitive awareness on the court.  Kids will play multiple positions throughout the season and we encourage kids to take lots of risks such as goalkeepers using their feet, defenders shooting, etc. Yes, we all love to win, but we really look at futsal as player development and building confidence on the ball.

What do you need for futsal?

  • Indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. I recommend that the shoes your child wears for indoor soccer are only be worn inside during the season. This will make sure that the bottom of the shoes stay as clean as possible so that they are not sliding as much on the court when playing. So, wear sandals or another pair of shoes to and from the gym and put the indoor shoes on and off in the gym. After indoor season they can wear their indoor shoes as street shoes. NO CLEATS or turf shoes are allowed in the gym.
  • Players need to wear black shorts and black socks to games and MUST wear shin guards.
  • Goalkeepers should have a pair of knee pads and sweats or keeper pants to protect them when diving on the court. They need gloves and a keeper jersey. Coaches will have an extra pair of gloves in their bag.
  • All players will get a unique SFRPD futsal jersey at the first game of the season. They must wear their SFRPD jersey for games. They can’t wear their Girls Unite fall soccer jersey.
  • If they have or can have an indoor soccer ball that would be great! 5th grade and younger use size 3 and 7th grade and older use a size 5. An indoor ball is different from an outdoor ball. They are smaller and heavier so they don’t bounce as much on the court.

New to the game? Here are league rules: SFRPD Jose Coronado Indoor Soccer League Rules

I recommend going on YouTube and watching some indoor soccer games to get ideas of how it is played. Watching the game is the best teacher.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Kayla at

We look forward to continue playing in the new year! Have a wonderful holiday season!



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