Sissi Live Webinar & Skills Workshop

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This past week San Francisco’s Girls Unite Soccer Club hosted Brazilian women soccer legend & International Hall of Fame soccer player Sisleide “Sissi” do Amor Lima for a live webinar & skills workshop.

Almost 100 Girls Unite players logged onto the webinar to hear an amazing soccer player’s journey,  practice juggling, and ask their pressing questions with superstar Sissi! We got to experience what an inspiring and humble role model she is (even when showing off her Golden Boot 😉).

Some of our favorite quotes from the session:
Q: What keeps you enjoying playing soccer?
“Soccer allows me to be myself. When I’m out there, I don’t have to think about anything else. I love it. It’s who I became.”
“Soccer is in my blood. I don’t see myself without, to be honest.”
Showing her amazing trophies and awards:
“I’m going to show something to you guys”
“Because each one of you might have a dream. Just make sure you pursue it. Be persistent.”
“If there is one word that represents myself, it’s that: persistent.”
“It’s not the trophy itself, it’s what it represents for me, for my generation.”

Thank you, Sissi, for brightening up our isolation!!

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