Kim Yokers Virtual Soccer Workshop

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Last week Girls Unite was thrilled to host Kim Yokers: former Cal Berkeley soccer star, member of the U-21 USWNT, and professional midfielder in the NWSL.  She spoke with our players about training during shelter-in-place, staying sharp while remembering the mental side of the game, and identifying key characteristics of top soccer players.

The girls were engaged in this super interactive session.  They did self-reflective exercises about the characteristics of top players they would like to emulate and identifying favorite soccer memories.

Some characteristics Girls Unite soccer players admire and emulate include:

  • Dedication – time investment
  • Perseverance – play their hardest even in frustrating circumstances
  • Intentional practice
  • Openness to ideas on the field and readiness
  • Transitioning quickly between different stages of the game
  • Awareness of the entire pitch – 360 vision
  • Fitness

Kim also shared her favorite soccer memory: As a youth soccer player outside of the Seattle area, she played on a less-resourced underdog team with her mom as the volunteer coach. Her scrappy team made it to the regional finals, and against the odds won the tournament in overtime against some much better-resourced teams. Even though everyone was super hot and sweaty, her team of close friends jumped on top of each other in s huge dog pile… This is a memory she says she’ll never forget and helped always keep soccer joyful for her

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us Kim!


Kim Yoker Webinar

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