Temryss Lane… and Earth Day!

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Sheltering-in-place has been difficult for many of us, but our reduced pollution and gas emissions have been a gift to the Earth. Today is a good day to remember the Earth and why we are thankful.


This week Girls Unite was fortunate to have former professional player and dedicated Indigenous and environmental activist Temryss Lane deliver a powerful webinar with open question & answer session.

She spoke with the girls about her evolution as an athlete, dancer, student and leader.  She spoke beautifully about finding her place in the world as an Indigenous woman, elite athlete, and environmentalist.  As the girls asked her questions, Temryss emphasized the importance of competing hard against your teammates while staying friends and strong team unit. “Always show up for your teammates.” But “don’t apologize or say sorry for working hard.” She confessed that she still looks up to Michelle Ackers as one of the fiercest female footballers of all time. And that Sissi at age 40 was still probably one of the best players she ever played against. The girls loved every tidbit they could get from her.

Temryss left the girls with important words:

“Finding your confidence means finding your own voice.
Speak from your heart.
Speak your truth.
Your gifts are what make you beautiful.”

Thank you Temryss, for using your talent and platform to do so many amazing things, pave a path forward for others, and be an activist for such important causes.

And for the rest of us restlessly sheltering-in-place… as life begins returning to normal, let’s consider what we can do to continue respecting the Earth and keeping our impact as low as possible.

Happy Earth Day!


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