Tracy Hamm Talks Big Goals

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This week Girls Unite got to meet with Tracy Hamm, one of their most motivating and inspirational speakers yet.

She shared her impressive history as a multi-sport athlete who always set the bar high for herself.  She shared that learning and training multiple sports including tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball, and flag football (in addition to soccer, of course) helped her hone athletic skills that set her up for success in her soccer playing and coaching careers.

As a soccer player she also encourages learning to play the field. Tracy has played outside mid, center mid, striker, and her favorite: outside back.  She encouraged the girls to not try to specialize too early. Learning to play each position will help with decision making and understanding the roles/responsibilities of each position on the field.  It will make them make them more valuable players and better teammates.

The girls peppered her with questions, very curious to hear how everything turned out since the end of her documentary that they all watched (she passed the Level A coaching coarse – phew)!

And then of course they wanted to hear about her bloopers and mistakes too.  The best story that brought lots of giggles was one of an enthusiastic teammate goalkeeper who jumped onto the field for a last minute corner kick in a tight game, and managed to get her face in the way of the ball causing an accidental goal.

Finally, Tracy didn’t end the meeting without reminding the girls that everything she has achieved has come with hard work. She reminded:

“I’ve never hoped for something more than I’ve worked for it”

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