Winter Technical Skills Challenge

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This winter, Girls Unite invites its players to work on improving ball mastery with our December Technical Skills Challenge

  • The winter skills challenge features 11 individual soccer drills that require only a ball and a wall (indoor or outdoor). 
  • The video 11-Minute Wall Work w/ Yael Averbuch clearly demonstrates each drill. 
  • The goal is to spend at least 11 minutes each day (1 minute per skill) consistently getting controlled touches on a ball. 
  • Players can use this tracking sheet to record how many touches they get on the ball during 60 seconds of each drill. 
  • Players can submit their tracking sheet by January 7 2022 to be eligible for prizes!

Our intent with this challenge is for every player to improve their individual skills and overall comfort with a soccer ball. These drills will help players develop quick feet, a solid “first touch,” and a higher degree of ball mastery.  Players who consistently get at least 15 minutes/1000 touches on the ball every day this winter will see improved ball handling and confidence on the pitch this spring.

As a bonus, there will also be prizes for the individual players and teams with the highest participation rate in this challenge! 

Click here to get Winter/December Skills Challenge tracking sheet.

Additional skill videos recommended:

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