Girls Unite Shines at International Tournaments: Gothia Cup and Dana Cup

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Girls Unite Soccer Club recently showcased their talent and determination on the international stage, participating in two prestigious tournaments, the Gothia Cup in Sweden and the Dana Cup in Denmark. The club put together two highly competitive teams to represent in the G13 and G15 divisions, and giving players an cultural and athletic opportunity of a lifetime.

The girls started by training for 3 hours/day for 2 weeks with their teams in San Francisco. They focused on fitness, teamwork, and game strategy.

Next they travelled to Scandinavia. The Gothia Cup, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, brought together teams from across the globe to compete and have cross-cultural experiences. Girls Unite Soccer Club made an impressive mark in their respective age categories, advancing through tough matchups and playing with outstanding teamwork. The Girls Unite G13 Energy team also earned the Gothia Cup Fair Play Award after receiving nominations from spectators, opponents, and fans.


The G13 and G15 teams were ultimately each others’ biggest fans, a testament to the club’s commitment to fostering positive values both on and off the pitch.

At the Dana Cup in Denmark, the club’s teams showcased their skills and endurance in the coastal town of Hjørring. With high levels of enthusiasm, Girls Unite Soccer Club teams topped both of their group round brackets. Ultimately they conceded in knock out rounds but left the tournament feeling very confident in their ability to compete internationally.

The highlights of the tournaments for Girls Unite players was the friends they made with international players. Off the field, the teams participated in social events and attended the matches of new friends, fostering meaningful connections and embracing the spirit of cultural exchange.

“The experience at Gothia Cup and Dana Cup will be truly unforgettable for these girls,” said Coach Lindsay Kaufman. “The players worked hard, challenged themselves, and bonded with teams from different countries. It was a fantastic opportunity for growth, both as athletes and as individuals.”

Gratitude to Supporters and Coaches: The success of this incredible journey wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Girls Unite community and the dedication of their coaches, Coach Tafa and Coach Lindsay. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a strong team spirit contributed significantly to the girls’ achievements and experiences throughout the tournaments.

Girls Unite Soccer Club’s participation in the Gothia Cup and Dana Cup exemplifies the organization’s dedication to empowering young female athletes and promoting the sport’s values worldwide. Girls Unite continues to inspire young players to pursue their dreams and embrace the camaraderie that soccer fosters among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Congratulations to Girls Unite Soccer Club and its G13 and G15 teams for their outstanding performances in Sweden and Denmark! The memories created and lessons learned during this remarkable journey will undoubtedly serve as a driving force for future success on and off the soccer field.

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