SFYS is the recreational league that Girls Unite teams participate in. NorCal is the competitive/travel league. Coaches may coach teams in just one or both leagues. The two leagues have separate requirements. Please read through the following carefully and complete the coaching requirements for each league as needed.

SFYS Recreational Season Prep: Steps Required for Girls Unite Coaches

Welcome to Girls Unite! Let’s work together to complete your coaching requirements so you can get out on the field and do what you love! 

  • Please complete steps on a laptop or desktop computer for best results (most sites below are NOT mobile friendly).
  • It is important to follow these steps in order.
  • Deadlines are important, please look at them carefully & mark your calendar.
  • Technical support links for each step are listed accordingly
  • Other questions? Email admin@girlsunite.org

STEP 1: Create a SQWAD log in

WHO: Only New Coaches to SFYS (Returning Coaches will already have a log in)

WHAT: Create a profile in Sqwad

WHEN: July 1 for Fall Season, Feb 15 for Spring Season

HOW: Sqwad & follow prompts

WHY: Sqwad is how coaches get cleared to coach on game days, and how coaches view and print game day rosters.


  • Register for Sqwad with the same email you used to register for the US Soccer Learning Center Coaching Courses (Step 5)
  • Send username and password to admin@girlsunite.org.
  • Registering in Sqwad must happen BEFORE the background check

STEP 2: Online Background Check & In-Person Fingerprinting

WHO: New & Returning Coaches (Online Background Check Only)

WHAT: Online Background Check (New & Returning Coaches), In-Person Fingerprinting (only New Coaches to SFYS)

WHEN: July 1 for Fall Season, Feb 10th for Spring Season

HOW: Online Background Check – fill out link. In Person Fingerprinting – 1) Register for a Livescan Appt 2) Follow Steps Outlined Here

WHY: We are required to assure that all coaches are free and clear of any issues in working with kids, so a background check & fingerprinting are REQUIRED. No other entities (SFUSD, SF Rec & Park, other Soccer Leagues) can share their fingerprinting information, a new fingerprinting appointment is required for SFYS.


  • You MUST register in Sqwad BEFORE completing the online background check. The background check syncs to your Sqwad profile, but does not work retroactively.
  • Send a screenshot record of your online background check submission to admin@girlsunite.org

STEP 3: Concussion & Cardiac Arrest training

WHO: New and Returning Coaches (Returning Coaches need to refresh certificate every year)

WHAT: Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments

WHEN: Mid-July for Fall Season, Mid-February for Spring Season

WHY: This step is California state requirement so that all kids are kept safe should head injury occur.  We rely on coaches to apply this training on the field, as needed.

Important factors to remember…

  • Returning coaches: Safety & Concussion expires every year. Look for an email sent directly to your registered email from U.S. Soccer Learning Center to retake the 20m course.
  • Save confirmation/proof of completion and send to admin@girlsunite.org
  • Please save this in an easily accessible location as you will be required to upload this document for your coaching licensing
  • If you have started your coaching licensing first, you will have already completed this to move forward with the online coursework. Log onto US Soccer Learning Center and take a screenshot of the Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments certificate # and your name as proof of completion.

STEP 4: SafeSport Online Training

WHO: New and Returning Coaches (Returning Coaches need to refresh training every year).

WHAT: SafeSport Training

WHEN: Mid-July for Fall Season, Mid-February for Spring Season. Annually after June 1 for ALL coaches.

WHY: SafeSport is the online program that educates coaches on abuse, assault, and prevention/intervention information. Required knowledge when working with youth.

Important factors to remember…

  • To access Safesport: login to the Learning Center > select [ Courses] top of page > [Available Courses] > then [Supplemental Courses] > enroll in the SafeSport module. After the course is completed, close the course window > then [Coaching Education] > [Profile] in the upper right > scroll down to see download option for Safesport certificate.
  • Returning coaches: Safesport requires an updated “refresher course” every year. Look for an email to your registered email from U.S. Soccer Learning Center to retake the 20-30m course.
  • Course can take a one to two hours for new coaches, 20-30m for returning coaches
  • Each lesson must be completed before advancing
  • If you must log off, you can return at any time and pick up where you left off.
  • Alternative method to Download your certificate after completion & before leaving webpage.
  • Send certificate to admin@girlsunite.org
  • Please save this in an easily accessible location as you will be required to upload this document later.

STEP 5: Coaching Licenses

WHO: Unlicensed Coaches

WHAT: 1) Online “Introduction to Grassroots Coaching”  2) In-Person “Grassroots Coaching Course”. (You can do 11v11, 9v9, or 7v7). 

WHEN: Register by mid-June for Fall Season, Register by mid-January for Spring Season (these courses fill up quickly and you will not be able to coach if you cannot get into a course)

WHY: Girls Unite requires any UNLICENSED coaches to complete TWO Grassroots Coaching courses to assure that everyone starts from the same knowledge base. Ongoing training is encouraged and some financial support may be available.

Important factors to remember…

  • If you don’t see any courses through the US Soccer Learning Center that work for you in terms of timing and location, you can also qualify for coaching with only SFYS by taking an in-person course. Please note that SFYS courses do not allow you to continue your coaching education. In-Person SFYS Courses. 
  • Part 1 (on-line) MUST be completed before moving on to Part 2 (in-person).
  • Save confirmation/proof of completion and send to admin@girlsunite.org
  • Girls Unite strongly recommends two courses be completed as that sets you up for future licensing.
  • Course registration costs will be reimbursed upon completion. Submit for reimbursement after you complete your course here.
  • Please sign up for an in-person course as soon as possible as once they fill up, you will not have any other options to fulfill this requirement and will not be able to coach a team.

STEP 6: Send Documents to admin@girlsunite.org

Check List: did you send the following to admin@girlsunite.org?

  • Sqwad username & log in information
  • Background check screenshot of confirmation number
  • Current Introduction to Safe & Healthy Learning Environments screenshot including your name
  • Current Safesport certificate (or screenshot including your name)
  • 2 Online coaching course certificates
  • Fill out reimbursement form & send receipts to admin@girlsunite.org

And you’re done with coach licensing! Thanks for sticking with it and setting yourself up for success for the upcoming season!

NorCal Competitive/Travel Season Prep: Steps Required for Girls Unite Coaches

All of NorCal’s Coach Clearance Links are available through GotSport’s Dashboard. SFYS/Recreational Coaches only do NOT complete this step.

Process: Girls Unite Admin will add you as a coach in GotSport. You can then log on and “reset password” to access your requirements (Items 1-3) on the dashboard.

  • Item 1: “Disqualification-Suspension Review”
    • About 1-2m to complete online
  • Item 2: “Safesport”
    • If completed already for SFYS, you can upload the same document.
    • A refresher course needs to be taken every year, about 20m.
    • Accessible online through the GotSport dashboard.
  • Item 3: “Background check”
    • About 1-2m to complete online.
    • Submit the fee for reimbursement which will be processed via payroll at the end of this month and received by March 5th
  • Item 4: “Grassroots Coach License” if you do not already have a coach license please see Step 5 above.

Final Steps for ALL Coaches

Next Steps for all SFYS and NorCal Coaches….

  • Payroll set up with Gusto
    • Once you are assigned to a team, Girls Unite Admin will reach out via email to add you to payroll. Please locate your Passport or other I-9 supporting documents now.
  • Accept invitation to Teamsnap
    • Teamsnap is Girls Unite’s team management software and calendar. Once you are assigned to a team, you’ll receive an invitation to join that team’s Teamsnap account directly to your email. Please double check spam.
  • Submit a short biography and a high quality head photo
    • Please send 3-5 sentences about your playing soccer experience or personal soccer outlook to admin@girlsunite.org
    • Please also include a high quality head photo with a black shirt/Girls Unite shirt on against a plain white background or blurred field background

Thank you for completing these steps! We look forward to having you coach with Girls Unite. Please reach out to admin@girlsunite.org with any questions.