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Dear Girls Unite Family,

Girls Unite is a grassroots non-profit organization that provides a welcome learning environment not just for players but also for coaches. We believe in the power of mentoring from the Weee Kickin’ It and micro player to the competitive athlete and young aspiring coach – and strive to provide learning opportunities at every level. This Giving Tuesday, we’d like to bring your attention to those life-long learners, and gently ask for your support in continuing their dedication to the beautiful game.

The last couple of years have been filled with continuous change and many unknowns. Girls Unite has strived to be a source of support for our players and our coaches by providing consistent programming. From socially-distanced beach camp to masked soccer-pods to regular season play, Girls Unite works diligently to ensure that girls and young women have a way to stay engaged with our community. This past year Girls Unite was able to provide $20,000 in scholarships to our players: your donation makes this sport truly accessible to all.

This Fall season alone, Girls Unite had the honor of mentoring 10 high school Junior Coaches, and over 35 more Women on our coaching staff. Being able to provide training and mentorship programming for these young women is essential to helping them bridge the learning pathway from player to coach. By investing in their futures, not only do these young coaches benefit, but they are also able to become a brighter beacon of encouragement that your player so richly deserves. In order to continue providing quality programming for players, and learning opportunities for our coaches, Girls Unite relies on your generosity.

We ask that you consider supporting Girls Unite by making a tax deductible donation this season.  Any amount you give helps make a difference.

Thank you for considering a contribution to Girls Unite and happy holidays!

Best wishes,

Lindsay Kauffman
Founder/ Director
Bay Area Girls Unite

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