Girls Unite understands that choosing the right soccer club for your child can feel challenging.  It is important to know what inspires your child and to help challenge them.  When attending tryouts or joining a club, consider asking these questions:

What is your training development like?  What are your priorities?

Girls Unite brings a balance of technical and tactical training. We spend about 50% of each training focusing on technical. Without a good first touch, there is generally no second touch. We spend about 25% of the training on a tactical aspect of the game and end the session with some kind of small-sided game. We spend some part of the session with some kind of check-in with the kids that will be about team building whether it is checking in about the previous game, learning names, trust building, giving gratitude to teammates, etc.

Which is more important, development or winning?

Girls Unite loves winning but not at all costs. We value learning and growing over the win. There are a lot of teams that win without learning the game or by only utilizing a few players. We want to see that the kids and the team each week are learning and getting better at some, if not all, of the aspects of the game – technical, tactical, leadership, self-confidence, effective communication, fitness, etc. We are encouraging a growth mindset and for the kids and the teams to set goals that are not about the final score. Player development is key and is our focus.

How many players make

the jump to higher levels in the club?

About half of our kids each year move up a level of play. We encourage and support kids that want to move up in levels of play and we also value and support the kids that are comfortable where they are. We know there are many reasons kids play sports and all are valid.  At the end of the day we want the kids to feel like they are in a challenging and fun environment.  We hope they fall in love with the game by being active and by being part of a team.