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Girls Unite Recreational Soccer Teams


Professional head coaches work with your player to develop a love of the sport by growing ball handling abilities and engaging in team building activities.

Recreational Teams

Training Schedule

1-2 trainings per week from 60-90 minutes in length depending on permit as assigned by SFRPD

Optional goalkeeper training sessions available + occasional additional team trainings (no extra charge!)

Weekend Games

1.5-2 hour commitment (20-30 minute warm up + varying game durations + 5 min post game talk)

8-10 games per season, games on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Extra Sessions

Additional opportunities to play futsal, sand soccer or to guest play with competitive teams.

Fees & Seasons

$625 for 1x/week practices + games per season

$725 for 2x/week practices + games per season

Winter indoor season and tournaments are optional with additional costs.