Financial Aid Program

Girls Unite is committed to keeping quality soccer programs accessible for all young female athletes

Financial Aid Policy

What are the costs for Girls Unite players?

The team fees for players is currently between $625-725 per season for recreational and $2945-3445 for year-long travel , depending on the level of play.

The team fee covers professional head coaching, assistant coaches, league registration/league games, team practices, optional goalkeeper training, field fees, referee fees, practice t-shirts, team camp for competitive teams, and possibly some tournament registration depending on health orders and the level of play.

Additional expenses may include one time uniform purchase, optional camps, and optional tournaments.

We realize that living in San Francisco and participating in club soccer is expensive for most families.  Therefore, Girls Unite strives to keep our fees the lowest possible while also maintaining a quality program. At the same time, our goal is to not turn away any player who does not have the means to pay club fees.  Donations and fundraising enable us to cover all of our costs and provide opportunities to players who would not otherwise be able to participate in our programs.

Financial assistance is therefore available and we encourage families with financial barriers to participation to apply. See below for details regarding financial aid eligibility. Applications are due *after* offers are made for competitive teams and before the tuition deadline. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact for more information.

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Financial Aid Eligibility

1. A 95% fee reduction shall be made available to any player on any Girls Unite team that is eligible for a full scholarship under San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) scholarship rules, regardless of number of eligible scholarship recipients. (A deposit will still be required to secure a spot on the team.)

2. A 50% reduction in all fees will be offered to any family that is eligible for a 50% scholarship under SFRPD scholarship rules.

3. Girls Unite may ask for Public Assistance Program verification

4. Additionally, Girls Unite may consider other extenuating circumstances outside of SFPRD criteria.

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