Recreational Registration

We're excited to welcome your child to our next season of soccer. Please review and follow all of the steps outlined below. If you have any questions, please read this page first. Then review our FAQ page. Any outstanding questions, please contact us at

May 1-10th: Club Registration Due (Fall 2023 Season)
May 12-15th: League Registration Due (Fall 2023 Season)
June 1-July 15th: Player Uniform Order Due (Fall 2023 Season)

Step 1: Club Registration - TEAMSNAP

Due Wednesday, May 10th (Open Monday, May 1st) for Fall season.

Due Nov 1-15th for Spring season.

Deadlines may be subject to change due to changes in SF Youth Soccer timelines.

To accept your player’s offer to join a Girls Unite team, please click on the link below and complete our registration form via TeamSnap.

You must pay at the time of registration — you must pay in full. If you apply for financial assistance, do NOT use this link yet. Use the Financial Assistance section below.

Register for Recreational Here!

Returning players – register for the same number of practices your player had per week in the spring.

New players – register for your practice frequency preference and Girls Unite will place your player with a team accordingly.

Please note which email you enter for “parent 1” through the registration link and use the same email for Step 2.

Financial Assistance Request


Complete link by May 5th to be considered for Financial Assistance for Fall Season. Replies will be sent within 3 business days of May 5th.

Complete link by Nov 11th to be considered for Financial Assistance for Spring Season. Replies will be sent within 3 business days of Nov 11th.

After receiving your financial aid award, you will need to complete the Step 1 registration link.

Step 2: League Registration - SQWAD

Due Monday, May 15th (Open Friday, May 12) for Fall season.

All Recreational players are required to also register with the league in addition to registering with the club. SFYS League Fees are additional & paid directly to SFYS by the families as required by the league.

Fall season typical fees are $100 ($150 for Varsity level).

If your player is new to Sqwad/SFYS, you can log into Sqwad, create a parent account, and a player profile now (please use the same primary email you entered into Step 1 registration). For both new and returning players to Sqwad/SFYS, you will need to wait until May 12th to log back in, process payment, accept the team invitation and complete the league registration.

Spring season typical fees are $0 if the player is returning to the same team from the fall, or $30 if the player is new to the team and paid directly to the league.


League Registration Process (Sqwad):

  • Download the “SQWAD” App to your phone or go to website above.
  • Enter a username email and password and select Login.
    • Use the same email entered as “parent 1” in the Step 1/Teamsnap registration. Do NOT use a different email for club registration and league registration.
    • If you need to create an account select “Create Account” and follow the steps.
    • Remember to create a separate player profile. The team invitation can only be sent to your player profile (not a parent profile).
    • If you can’t find the teamsnap receipt, AND can’t remember which email you used to register your player in step 1 through Teamsnap, email Please include your players name and SQWAD username/email.
  • Girls Unite Admin will now manually invite your player’s profile to the team in Sqwad – this can take a couple of business days as it is not an automated process. The invite can only be sent AFTER you create a Sqwad account AND a player profile.
  • Once you receive the invitation to your email, log into SQWAD, select “Proceed” on the invitation, or reject (if it is not the correct team).
  • For Fall season, submit payment for league registration and your player is now registered with the league! For Spring season, follow prompts so your player is now registered with the league!
    • Reminder: you must pay two times – once for the club registration and once for the league registration
Sqwad Technical SupportSqwad: How to Upload a Birth Document

Step 3: Player Uniform Ordering

Due Saturday, July 15th (Open Thursday, June 1) for Fall season.

All Girls Unite players need to be fitted in the same Girls Unite uniform style for games. If your player ordered a new uniform for Fall 2022-Spring 2023, you do not need to order a new one. Check out CA Teamwear if you are not sure if your player has the latest style – link below.

Note: Players on the “Synergy” only school teams need to contact Admin ( for uniform info, do NOT go through link below.

All returning Girls Unite players from last year should have their uniforms. If your player is changing teams from last season, please reach out to about mitigating player jersey number conflicts.

All new Girls Unite players will need to order their uniform. Please order as soon as possible, uniforms can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Order Uniform Kit

Step 4: Player Handbook

Girls Unite requires players and their guardians/parents to get to know and to abide by the Girls Unite Player Handbook.

The GU Handbook outlines expectations and best practices for kids and their families as members of the Girls Unite soccer club and overall community.

Be sure to review the sample handbook and its policies with your player.

The 2019-2020 GU Player Handbook is the most recent version.

Review Player Handbook

Step 5: Summer Camps (Optional)

Girls Unite will be hosting summer camps between June-August, 2023.

These camps are open to ALL players ages 5-14, all genders and all levels of play.

*Registration is required and cost is separate.*

Summer Camp Registration