Microsoccer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Girls Unite is happy to offer Microsoccer during the season. Please review the FAQ below. We will provide updates where needed as soon as possible.

Important deadlines to be aware of can be found on our https://girlsunite.org/micro-reg/ page.


When does fall microsoccer season start and end?

Answer: The season starts middle/end of Sept (depending on permits) and will go through Oct. There will be six games; more details will become available when schedules are posted.


Do I need to register my player if they played on a team in the spring?

Answer: Yes, you MUST complete a NEW registration for every season of microsoccer.  Registration and communication updates are done using Byga (our online communication platform).


If my child has never played soccer or never played with Girls Unite, can they play in the fall season?

Answer: Yes, please join us!  Special instructions and additional steps apply if you are new to Girls Unite.  Please email admin@girlsunite.org to learn more.


Where can I learn more about the microsoccer league?

Answer: For general microsoccer league information visit: Microsoccer Overview 


If we are already on a Girls Unite team will we stay on the same team?

Answer: We do our best to keep the same teams that played together previously for the upcoming season, however, if children join/leave the program this can affect team formation.


What is the team size?

Answer: Micro teams consist of 10 minimum – 13 maximum players. Up to 2 more players can join as practice only players.


What happens to my team for 2nd grade (and older)?

If your child is in 2nd grade, they must play recreational soccer as the micro league only offers options through 1st. Email admin@girlsunite.org if you’d like to join a Rec team (vs Micro)! Girls Unite has a place to play for all players who register prior to the club deadline!


Where is practice held?

Answer: To Be Determined (TBD).  Permits are processed in late June/early July.  If you are returning from a previous season, please note that we attempt to keep practice schedules as close to the prior season’s as much as possible provided it worked for families/coach/is available through SF Park and Rec.  Information will be provided via Byga once it is available.


When is practice held?

Answer (DAYS/TIMES): TBD – Same as answer above.


What if my child is assigned to a team practice that conflicts with other obligations?

Answer: We do our best to accommodate families, please contact admin@girlsunite.org if you have conflicts to discuss. Please note the Girls Unite refund policy.


Where are games played? 

Answer: Games will be played at Marina Green (on Marina Blvd), at Little Rec (in Golden Gate Park across from Kezar), and at West Sunset lower field (41st Ave & Pacheco).


When are games? 

Answer (DAYS): Games will take place on weekends, on Saturdays. Game schedules will be posted within Byga for easy access.

Answer (TIMES):  Times vary from early morning to afternoons.  Game schedules will be posted within Byga for easy access.


When will game schedules be posted?

Answer: Schedules will be posted 2 weeks prior to the start of the season (in mid-Sept)


What is the cost of micro & how do I register? 

Answer: please look at the Micro Program details page.

*IMPORTANT* If your child did not play with Girls Unite in the prior season you must email admin@girlsunite.org in addition to completing the registration below.


Register for Micro!


Does Girls Unite offer financial assistance for microsoccer?

Answer: Yes, in order to apply for financial assistance, you must complete the BOTH Part A & B below…

Does our family need to reapply each season? What if we have multiple kids who need assistance?

Answer: Yes, families must reapply for financial assistance each new season.  A separate request must be submitted per child.


Complete Two-Part Process Below…

PART A:  Click & complete a Financial Assistance Request Form

Deadline to submit this request: May 5th

PART B: Begin the Byga registration process, AFTER you start the Byga registration process, email Girls Unite Admin (admin@girlsunite.org). Girls Unite Admin will then be able to apply the financial assistance reward within 3 business days and you will log back into Byga to complete the adjusted club registration link.

Financial Assistance offers require a QUICK response on behalf of families.